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Portfolio Paco Hamelijnck

18 years old.
Third year Game Artist education at Deltion college.
3D Artist

Disclaimer I'm having a small bug with buttons. If you can't see buttons next to my work try making the browser bigger. (CTRL+)



I'm a 3D designer and love to make; Enviroments / Objects/ Organic models.

Who am I?

My name is Paco Hamelijnck. I am currently living  in The Netherlands and following Game Artist at Deltion college. I enjoy making all kinds of 3D models. I'm a real teamplayer because working in a team is fun and I love to learn from my team. Also I won't hesitate to say what I think. 

​                                   Educations: 


                                        - MBO 3rd year Gaming Artist -

                                       - 2010 - 2014: VMBO Economy -


                                                 Work Experience:


        - 2013  year internship at restaurants-


​​                - 2015/2016 Driver at dominos -

              - Working with Scrums/Sprints -

-Currently working as promotion/salesmanager at SQ people -


                                            Software Experience:

                                      - Photoshop - 2 years experience -

                                                 - Basic skill level

                                     - 3dsmax - 2.5 years experience -

                                                 - advanced ​skill level

                                       - Unity - 2.5 years experience -

                                                 - advanced skill level

                      - Mudbox - 5 months experience (Currently learning) -

                                                 - Basic skill level

                            - Substance painter2 - 3 month experience -

                                                 - Advanced skill level

                                       - Github - 2 years experience -




3D Artist

looking for internship

I'm currently looking for a internship in 3D graphic design.

Starting in August 2017.

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